GMT Emergency Training

Emergency Training

How we do Emergency Training.

Our Trainers will design a training package that takes in consideration the size of your workplace, number of staff and the unique needs of your site.

All our Trainers are passionate, qualified and experienced Fire Safety Officers holding current TAE40166 Training & Assessment and QFES Fire Safety Advisor accreditations.

6 monthly & Annual Training

Face to Face training delivery covers all aspects of the Emergency Plan from outlining the roles of the ECO through to First Responder emergency guidlelines and evacuation procedures.

Our accredited Trainers  engage with your staff to gain the knowledge and be equipped with the skills of how to safely evacuate in the case of an emergency.

Some of our Training subjects include:

Chief Warden Training

Chief Wardens are crucial to the efficient evacuation of your building and the safety of all your staff.  They are the main point of contact in the event of an emergency.

We will ensure your Chief Warden is trained to lead  in the event of an emergency.    Has the knowledge and skills to co-ordinate building evacuation with Floor Wardens, have a clear understanding of their responsibilities and be able to liaise effectively with emergency services.

Training skills include:

Specialised ECO Training

It is a requirement under the Australian Standards AS 3745 – 2010: Planning for emergencies in facilities, that an ECO be established to oversee the implementation of the Emergency Management Plan.

GMT’s training will provide your Emergency Control Operation (ECO) with the competency and confidence to carry out these duties  in the case of an emergency as outlined in the Emergency Management Plan.

The ECO is made up of specifically trained Wardens ready to respond to whatever emergency may arise.  

GMT can tailor specific emergency training content around each facility’s risk profile.

Specialised training subjects include:

E-Learning & Webinar Training

GMT’s online training is a cost effective way to maintain your compliance.

Maintaining compliance during COVID-19 restrictions can be achieved using GMT’s live webinar platform. This alows the emergency trainer to provide skills and refresher training for all Wardens using online presentations and Q&A assessment.

GMT will then provide you with a complete training compliance report ensuring you are meeting all your Work  Health & Safety regulations and emergency planning compliance obligations.

Training available via web includes:

Compliance Strategy Session