GMT Emergency Training

Live Fire Extinguisher Training

First Fire Attack Training

GMT's Qualified training consultants will introduce your staff to the various types of portal fire fighting equipment commonly found in the workplace.   Staff will be taught how to correctly handle an extinguisher, where they are located and be able to put out a small workplace fire.

Live Fire Extinguisher training gives your staff a “real life” experience in learning how to put out a small workplace fire.

Staff will have the knowledge to assess the situation and skills to put out a small workplace fire before it gets out of control.

Staff will initially receive theory based training, followed up with a practical session, where each participant, will use our safety accredited portable fire equipment.

Every attendee will receive a Certificate of Completion in competency of  “Emergency Procedures First Fire Attack Training – Practical use of a Fire Extinguisher” in accordance with the Australian Standards AS3745 – 2010 Planning for Emergencies in Facilities.


First Fire Attack training covers the following:

  • Human behaviour in emergencies
  • Fire and smoke characteristics and dynamics
  • Safe work practices before using portable fire equipment
  • Identify types of portable firefighting equipment
  • Safe operation of portable firefighting equipment