GMT Emergency Training

Emergency Evacuation Training

Clear Diagrams for Fast Evacuations

Emergency evauation diagrams are designed to inform occupants / staff the safest and most direct exit out of the premises during an emergency. Are your diagrams compliant with the Australian Standards ?

Emergency Evacuation Diagrams

Compliant emergency evacuation signs should include the following:

Compliance emergency evacuation diagrams should include:

Clear signage for safe and efficient evacuation of premises

Designed and installed in accordance with Australian Standards AS3745 – 2010: Planning for Emergencies in Facilities.

Clear and concise graphics showing the paths of egress, location of fire safety equipment and Assembly Area.

“In Case of Fire” information which is easy to read whilst under emergency situations.

Evaucation diagrams must be reviewed every 5 years.
They are designed to:

  • Protect lives and prevent personal injuries
  • Prevent and mimimise damage to property
  • Reduce confusion in an emergency